Get a Grip on Cloud Security: How to Lasso and Protect Your Cloud-Based Data and Apps presented at SecureWorldDenver 2019

by Bruce Potter,

Summary : The cloud is a new frontier, and—just like in those old westerns—it sometimes seems lawless. Decision makers and developers with credit cards are moving their data to Microsoft Azure and AWS, while IT rolls out Office 365. CISOs are getting left in the dust, trying to understand where all the data and apps went and—once they find them—figuring out how to reverse engineer security into the cloud.The good news is that a smart combination of controls, workflow, and some of the basic tools your cloud providers give you can help you find and reign in outlaw activity.Join Bruce Potter, CISO of Expel, for this session where he’ll share tips and tricks for thinking about and implementing cloud controls, along with workflow ideas that’ll help protect all your workloads.