New Models to Protect Critical Infrastructure from the Cybersecurity Perfect Storm presented at 3rdCybersecurityInternationalSymposium 2019

by William Leichter,

Summary : As industrial control systems are increasingly targeted by advanced cyberattacks, concerns have grown about our ability to adequately protect our critical infrastructure. Several factors have converged to make this problem seem daunting. With increased convergence of IT and OT systems, previously isolated systems are being exposed. At the same time, advanced fileless and in-memory malware techniques, that bypass conventional security tools have become widespread and easily available to attackers.New security models are emerging that don't rely on porous perimeter defenses to be effective. Rather than endlessly chasing elusive external threats, new technology can map what critical applications are supposed to do, and guardrail them against any deviations during runtime - essentially inoculating critical systems from being hijacked by attackers. This model can proactively protect new and legacy applications and provide effective real-time defense for SCADA and other industrial controls systems. This discussion will include case studies from global customers including Raytheon and Schneider Electric.