Communication is Hard, Changing is Harder presented at FutureConSanAntonio 2019

by Chris Chiancone,

Summary : Communication, and/or the lack thereof; is an industry-wide issue that encompasses all facets of technology, including information security. Understanding of the underlying issues plaguing enterprise-wide, cross-divisional communication, what are the culprits, and what can be done to improve communication is vital in any industry, division, and/or vertical.As it relates to the topic of cybersecurity, the mere concept in itself, is riddled with fear-based dialog and seemingly vague communication attempts and approaches. Challenges around communication are exacerbated by the mode of communication, the speed of information, and the lack of communication preferences. Since we all learn and communicate differently, it is imperative that our delivery methods of technology, specifically cybersecurity information, are approached with a renewed sense of diversity and fluidity.