Cyber AI: Fighting Back with Autonomous Response presented at FutureConSanAntonio 2019

by Cole Plambeck,

Summary : The digital enterprise is constantly expanding, with new IoT, cloud, and operational technologies all challenging traditional notions of cyber security. Safeguarding these evolving environments against machine-speed attacks has never been more difficult.Yet the digital battleground now features its most formidable defender in Cyber AI — a self-learning technology that distinguishes friend from foe in order to thwart threats autonomously. With the Cyber AI Platform protecting your entire infrastructure in real time, it doesn’t matter whether the attack originates on a connected device, an industrial system, or in the cloud. Wherever it strikes, the AI fights back in seconds. In this session, you’ll discover:Why only Autonomous Response can counter today’s machine-speed attacksWhere advanced threat-actors exploit vulnerabilities in the cloud and IoTWhat achieving 100% visibility can reveal about your organization’s risk profileHow the Cyber AI Analyst reduces the time spent triaging threats by 92%