Data Empowered Music City – New Solutions for Data Centric Cybersecurity presented at DataConnectorsNashville 2019

by Fred Mindermann,

Summary : Nashville is evolving into a Data Technology Epicenter! Music City is now home to International companies creating data centric solutions across all industries.The true asset is DATA. Every day companies are constantly being attacked by internal and external cyber-criminals who steal and or hold ransom their valuable data assets.Moreover, through the adoption of cloud services, storage and external trusted partnerships across the insecure landscape, the data perimeter has expanded well beyond the ability of the current protection schemes to protect the data.Data Empowered Technology with Blockchain and Cryptocurrency is evolving in the Music Industry to assist artists with royalty payments, promoting their business and increasing cybersecurity of their valuable data assets. Other industries are incorporating these new evolving solutions.The Information Security Industry must recognize that the historical perimeter is obsolete and embrace the new, data-centric security paradigm.This workshop will emphasize a paradigm that infuses data with self-governance, provenance, and self-protection capabilities, to give data the ability to protect itself throughout its lifecycle. Local companies incorporating this technology will be discussed.