The way to Zero Trust Security presented at DevSecCon 2019

by Petko ( pdp ) D. Petkov,

Summary : What your technology stack and security model would look like if you assume you operate in a hostile network environment?The answer is simple! Hostile networks force us to assume lack of trust by default - we assume a zero-trust if you like. Traditional security models based on network segmentation, near-perfect patching, and anti-virusmonitoring, quickly fall apart when building modern IT operations at scale. Simple secure design with strong but simple architecture principles prevail.Here comes Zero Trust to the rescue. Zero Trust is a radical security philosophy that helps us think in terms of first principles when designing and operating network infrastructure in hostile environments.This presentation is meant to lay the foundation of the Zero Trust security and extend by providing practical examples and working implantation which you can start using today in your cloud environment of choice.