Progress, not just motion. Security, the heroes journey presented at DevSecCon 2019

by Siren Hofvander,

Summary : It would seem that, despite the exponential growth in security products, security services, security companies, security certifications, and general interest in the security topic; we are still bombarded with a constant parade of security vulnerability disclosures on a seemingly daily basis.Clearly, security needs to look beyond itself for answers, no matter how righteous the cause, the battle we fight alone will not be a battle we will win. Technology and apps have invaded our lives, so how to lead a security counter-insurgency?How do we know that the security that we are building, the cultures we are encouraging and the changes we are suggesting are the right ones, and how can we ensure that we can distinguish motion from progress.We have all changed someone's life without realizing it. How can we make sure we are making ourselves and security the positive change we all want to see, and not becoming the villain in someone else story.