Network Attacks for Red Teams and Blue Teams presented at BSidesVienna 2019

by Michael Kafka ,

Summary : Security features for network functions are not commonly deployed ontypical installations. This allows attackers to freely move around in anetwork once a single point was compromised. Weak network securityenables Lateral movement of an adversary and can also be exploited byRed Teams.The Talk starts with a brief discussion of network functions on Layer 2and 3 and gives a brief history of famous malware families and campaignswhich were used in the past. Also we will define the goal of networkattacks.Then we discuss several techniques like ARP/ND spoofing/poisoning, MACflooding, attacks on FHRP like VRRP or HSRP, UPNP, route injection andIP source route and more. We will show how these attacks are conducted,what we can achieve and also how to deploy countermeasures for mitigation.