Moving Target Defense (MTD) as a Cyber Security Measure presented at EISIC 2019

by Mordechai Guri, Yuval Shirtz,

Summary : Information Communication Technologies (ICT) environments are built as static configurations. Some of the reasonsfor having such configurations are complexity—in that modern information systems are considered to be complexsystems—as well as the need to ease maintenance, to support rapid change implementation and change management,to support rapid failure management, and so on. Therefore, in order to reduce the organizational costs and efforts,an organization prefers static configurations or at least one with minimal changes. However, from the perspective ofinformation security and cyber security, such a static environment eases adversarial efforts to penetrate theinformation systems. In this paper we overview the set of Moving Target Defense (MTD) methodologies, policies,standards, concepts and remedies that tries to eliminate or to minimize the probability that an adversarial attack overorganizational information systems will occur.