Fostering Digital Trust – Tackling Cyber Enabled Fraud with a Unified Defense Strategy presented at CyberCrimeCon 2019

by Michelle Weatherhead,

Summary : In the shift to connected consumers and digital banking, rapid digitization is a means to achieve revenue, customer experience and cost efficiencies uplift. Modern banks demonstrate the ability to balance secure and frictionless digital customer engagements while managing real-time demands relating to risk decisions on fraud, cybersecurity, and transaction authorizations. For digitization to be successful, it is necessary to choose the right tech partner offering a unified approach across fraud, AML, and cybersecurity, which will improve risk-related decision-making and accelerate quality transactions with customers. GBG is the leading worldwide provider of data intelligence relating to fraud, identity, and location. Hear from Michelle Weatherhead, APAC Director at GBG, on how banks can achieve integration of fraud and cybersecurity operations to defend against complex financial and cyber crimes.