Rise of Commodity Malware - Stories From The Trenches presented at CyberCrimeCon 2019

by Vicky Ray,

Summary : Cybercrime persists as an epidemic that continues to worsen every year, with associated impacts and losses on an alarming rise. Key contributing factors to the enormous growth of losses and the related impact from cybercrime have been the convenience, speed, and anonymity that the Internet provides to enable online crimes. In the growing cybercrime landscape, considerable attention is paid to high profile breaches and other more disrupting malware families, such as ransomwares. However, the impact of malware such as Commodity RATs (Remote Access Trojans), which are bought and sold on easily accessible underground forums, can cause equal damage—if not more. This talk will cover some case studies shedding light on collaborative investigations when dealing with the ever-growing threat from such commodity malware.