Cequence Security Presentation: A Frictionless Approach to API Security presented at CyberSecuritySummitLosAngeles 2019

by Matt Keil,

Summary : APIs. They’ve been around for years in one form or another, bringing the benefits of ease of use, efficiency and flexibility to the development community. In recent years, API usage has seen exponential growth, driven by mobile device ubiquity and the move towards modular applications where APIs have become the foundational elements of the application business logic.The same benefits that APIs bring to the developer community are now leveraged by bad actors to execute automated attacks against your public facing applications. Bad actors are using exposed APIs for account takeovers, fake account creation, automated shopping and content scraping attacks. The ubiquity and stateless nature of APIs makes protecting them from automated attacks increasingly difficult.This session will delve into the topic of API security. What are the different approaches to protecting APIs from a range of security risks and how should security and development teams approach a consistent protection philosophy.