Can Cybersecurity Assurance Allow Us to Trust the Hybrid Cloud? presented at DataConnectorsAnaheim 2019

by Anupam Sahai,

Summary : Organizations and enterprises are continuing to expand their computing environments into the hybrid cloud. However, the number of breaches within the cloud environment is increasing. Cybersecurity breaches continue to be on the rise. In the first half of 2019 alone, there were 4,000 data breaches exposing 4 Billion records. The average cost (in the US) of a security breach is US 7.91 M$.This session will discuss the reasons for the increases in security breaches, and how Cybersecurity Assurance can fix cybersecurity issues for the hybrid cloud.• Hybrid Cloud Data Breaches – Why do they happen?• What are the Threats causing these Breaches?• Best Practices and Learnings from 2019• Introduction to Spanugo – An automated tool for Cybersecurity Assurance for the Hybrid Cloud