Windows 10 Migrations and In-place upgrades – How to get it done right presented at DataConnectorsIndianapolis 2020

by Holger Weeres,

Summary : Many Companies have been scrambling for a while now to beat the deadline and get their remaining Win 7 machines migrated to Windows 10.Even after Microsoft discontinued Windows 7 on January 14th migrations are still in full swing. At the same time Win10 In-Place Upgrades to keep up with Microsoft’s rapid release program are posing a new, but very similar challenge already.Start managing your endpoints properly and proactively. Avoid the inevitable long term implications of a stop-gap OS migration approach. A proper long term upgrade strategy makes it far easier to support and maintain your endpoints, enhances the overall consistency and leaves you less vulnerable to attacks.In this presentation we outline the different migration approaches taken today. We also show how to overcome some common pitfalls and get migrations done quicker, chaeper and less intrusive. Get some valuable advise on how to properly manage the entire life-cycle of your PCs, Servers and Mobile Devices, where patch deployments, software updates, OS migrations and On-demand machine rebuilds simply become a routine task.With the right toolset, migrations should no longer be considered large and resource consuming projects for IT to conquer frequently.