A Risk Based Privacy Approach presented at DataConnectorsDenver 2020

by Matthew Corwin,

Summary : A privacy program in this environment must take into account: An understanding of what current requirements are applicable to each business process which involves personal information, and the business reasons for the use of that personal information; how those requirements translate into technical and process changes, and how those changes are best addressed from the application level to the organizational level; future-proofing against changing applications and business needs, additional regulatory requirements, increased customer and partner expectations, and peer competitor strategies. This program must be risk based and designed to achieve an MVP defensible position in the shortest amount of time, without boiling the ocean, and should include a road map for continuous improvement and recurring risk and privacy assessments.Understand how to create an operational approach to privacy compliance, including business and technical impacts, create a prioritized assessment and implementation plan, and be able to demonstrate compliance and comply with privacy rights requests in a timely and efficient manner.