Post Quantum Crypto presented at BSidesTampa 2020

by Jeremy Rasmussen,

Summary : Quantum computing allows complex problems to be solved exponentially quicker than what is currently available with classical computing. For several years now, we have been warned that a quantum computing breakthrough is just around the corner. Now, with Google's recent "quantum supremacy" announcement, researchers have shown that it's possible to solve a complex mathematical calculation in about 3 minutes for which a supercomputer would take 10,000 years. So, are we on the verge of a Y2K-like event involving quantum computers breaking all of our popular public-key cryptographic systems, such as RSA, which form the basis of many of our authentication, key exchange/distribution, VPN, and even blockchain systems? Mathematicians and computer scientists are on the clock now to do the following: - Quickly improve the efficiency of post-quantum cryptography. Build confidence and consensus in the methods of post-quantum cryptography. Improve the usability of post-quantum cryptography in widely-deployed crypto systems.