IoT security challenges: embedded encryption and machine learning technologies presented at CYSEC 2020

by Najwa Aaraj,


Summary : In this talk, I will focus on the security of CPS / IoT devices, which are increasingly being deployed for a multitude of functionalities. The spread of such devices will be even wider due to emerging technologies such as 5G, edge and cloud computing, etc.Such devices are inherently insecure, with security being thought through in the aftermaths of mass deployments. Furthermore, the diverse range of such embedded devices, coupled with their energy constrained nature and the lack of cryptographic and security standards makes CPS / IoT vulnerabilities even more pronounced.In this talk, I cover at a high level embedded cryptographic technologies and lightweight primitives and protocols applied to embedded CPS/IoT systems - discussing both classical and post quantum cryptographic schemes. I also explore use cases of applying machine learning to address security concerns in IoT devices.