Neuromorphic Systems @ Merck Innovation Center presented at CYSEC 2020

by Hannah Bürckstümmer,


Summary : At the Innovation Center at Merck, we strive to develop business beyond our current focus areas. Neuromorphic Systems, which aim to mimic the working principles of our brain to increase computing power and decrease power consumption, is one of these intriguing topics. Neuromorphic solutions address the problem of the massively growing carbon footprint of ICT with an alarming status of 10% of the global energy use. And, they will enable much more intelligent edge applications such as sensors in autonomous cars or natural signal processing in our mobile phones. Here, challenges in data privacy, communication bandwidth and processing latency are driving artificial intelligence from the cloud to the edge. Besides, I want to share my journey from acting according to the values of my parents to a more reflected set of values corresponding to my own, deep beliefs.