How I became Intel Labs Europe Research Director: A story how unpredictable a career is presented at CYSEC 2020

by Astrid Elbe,

Summary : After you finished your master or PhD you might think you find your first job, work very hard, especially as a technical female you will be promoted and of course your employer is helping you step by step to climb the carrier ladder. And finally you will reach all the jobs and goals you are aiming for. This might be the case at the beginning of your carrier. But as soon as you are approaching more senior roles it becomes very different, because there is such strong competition and many really good candidates for such senior roles. During my talk I want to tell you a few stories how I made my carrier with 3 young kids at home, a more than full time working and travelling husband, no family close to my house in Munich and not much support from my employers. I will not recommend any of you to do it the same way, but I hope my stories will motivate you to strive for ambitious carrier goals. To be successful you should follow your passion, figure out in what you are much better at than anybody else, keep your own goals always as a “North Star” and stay persistent and focused on them. Do not think too much about carrier, promotion, more money, more status etc., but of course you need to take advantage of opportunities showing up, even if you have to move out of your comfort zone.