Lies, Deception and Manipulation: Let's talk about Deepfakes presented at BSidesNova 2020

by Erich Kron,

Summary : Digital image and video manipulation has reached a new level of sophistication. From the simple "Photoshop" to the modern equivalent in video, fakes are becoming more and more difficult to spot. This makes them a great candidate for abuse.For years we have been telling people that what they post on the internet will be there to stay and can have huge ramifications later in life, but what if they don't actually do what is portrayed?Modern technology can use Machine Learning and AI to dissect videos, extract faces and build virtual models that are used to automatically replace the faces, all while retaining eye blinks and facial expressions.For millions of people, realistic fakes can ruin a career, destroy families and possibly even influence elections. Even if proven fake later, the damage can be irreversible and in this digital age, can last a lifetime.This session will look at the technology behind creating these fakes, potential attacks using the technology and what is being done to combat this trend and protect us from what even appears to be ourselves.