From Mattress Sales to Infosec Soldier presented at BSidesSaltLakeCity 2020

by Chriss Hansen,

Summary : This session will cover my story of transitioning from a Mattress Salesman to a Security Analyst. Anyone can make it in this industry if you have the drive and passion. Attend if you're still deciding on which path in infosec to take.​$how Me the Money! (Getting Business Buy-in)Carlotta SagaN/AN/AHaving trouble getting execs to buy into the idea of security? This talk is a crash course in getting business buy-in to securing your organization, and getting user buy-in, too. I'll share some spreadsheet tools that will help the business understand the value of security and see return on investment for security tools and personnel.​How Can I Get Started in Cybersecurity?Dale RoweN/AN/AAimed at new, or less experienced cyber professionals, this presentation will review a wealth of online resources to help get you started in your area of interest. Penetration testing, reverse engineering, compliance, forensics and incident response will be discussed at a high level, with recommendations on how to further your knowledge and experience. No Prior Experience Necessary MineMeld - there's gold in them thar hills!Jason Reverri (nibb13)N/AN/AMineMeld is an open source, extensible Threat Intelligence processing framework. In this session you'll learn how to install MineMeld and set up common configurations. We'll also cover adding new and custom sources and how to integrate outputs into your tools.​Jump Starting Your Appsec ProgramJulia Knecht and Jacob LordsN/AN/AAs technology and software industries continue to grow at a breakneck pace, my infrastructure has moved to the cloud, and Code Rules Everything Around Me. Application security has become critical to get right. This session will cover how to jumpstart your application security program. ​SSH Keys: Security Asset or Liability?Bart LenaertsN/AN/ASSH keys are widely used in every enterprise to provide privileged administrative access. Poor SSH key management practices expose businesses to costly security risks. Learn how to take SSH keys from an operational liability to a security asset.​