Protect Your Environment from Cyber Attacks with Advances in Network Analytics, ML, and AI presented at DataConnectorsLosAngeles 2020

by Gary Southwell,

Summary : Despite their best efforts, organizations continue to struggle to detect and stop a wide range of cyber-attacks. These can include everything from ransomware attacks to intrusions that can lead to the costly exposure of critical data. Why is this? One reason is that organizations typically lack any visibility to these attacks as they move east-west across their network, which could leave them blind on up to 80% of their threat surface. Additionally, our industry built detection tools on the premise that detection tools should be “dumb,” and therefore, the people who use them must be experts – who are available 365×7 to use them properly. Shouldn’t it be the other way around, where the tools are smart and do the work of the experts? Let us show you how to make your threat detection and investigation simpler, faster, much more effective leveraging the latest advances in AI, ML and automation.