Securing the Tsunami of Unmanaged and IOT Devices presented at DataConnectorsLosAngeles 2020

by Chris Dobrec,

Summary : There’s a virtual tidal wave of smart, connected devices sweeping across businesses in every industry. Whether they’re things you’re already aware of like smart TVs, patient infusion pumps, and manufacturing robotic arms, or ones flying under your radar like printers, smartwatches, and digital assistants, your traditional security products can’t see these devices, making them ideal targets for attacks. The threats are real and all over today’s news, as we’re seeing stories published all the time about the risks these devices pose as attackers have been focusing their efforts on these devices as an easy way to penetrate networks undetected. Join us as we explore the growth of unmanaged, un-agentable devices, including examples of real-world attacks, and issues you should consider to help fill the gaps left by traditional security architectures.