Security without Compromise – A Key Requirement for the Modern Security Architecture presented at DataConnectorsHartford 2020

by James Locus,

Summary : Companies are moving to cloud architectures to simplify network management.For network administrators, securing web, email, and data access is a major concern – 92% of attacks come from email and 6% of attacks from web browsing. No organization is immune and the cost of remediation averages $4M per incident.Admins often try a myriad of solutions to prevent network attacks, such as firewalls, sandboxing, or anti-virus scanners. Unfortunately, these solutions either severely restrict web access which lowers worker productivity or rely on detecting threats that have already entered the network.Cloud-based isolation helps network administrators provide the advantages of moving their network to a cloud architecture without compromising safety. Cloud-based isolation technology prevents malware and phishing attacks through web and email while also improving SaaS apps usage and end-user browsing.