Transforming and Modernizing Your Security Posture presented at DataConnectorsChicago 2020

by Andy Stone,

Summary : In the new world of a nearly 100% remote workforce, security, now more than ever, is a challenge. As our workforce evolves, so do attackers, and the attacks they employ to steal corporate secrets or personal information from our users. As security professionals, our #1 job is to protect the digital assets of our company and its stakeholders. That means, as attackers evolve so must our information security practices. Our once well-defined and defended borders are no longer in place. The endpoints we had full control over and visibility into are now distributed and users may very likely be working from personal devices as well. Having centralized control to get insights is no longer reality. All of this means we have to evolve and transform the way we think about or security programs.In this presentation, Andy will discuss how to modernize your security program using his five step security transformation framework that has been successfully implemented at multiple, very large, global organizations.