Stopping Attacker Movement Before They Reach Crown Jewels presented at DataConnectorsChicago 2020

by Wade Lance,

Summary : During a normal workday, credentials and connections proliferate within a network. Once inside, attackers use Mimikatz and other attack tools to automate and accelerate credential harvesting, network discovery, and privilege escalation. Until now, defenders have lacked the ability to get ahead of this process. Identifying and removing excess, high-risk, and rogue connections has been a manual effort and impossible to scale. The giant, sudden transition by millions of employees to working from home has only made the attack surface even more volatile.In this webinar, we examine the various ways to deprive attackers of what they need to move laterally in your network by identifying and removing the riskiest pathways that lead to your crown jewels including:• How normal business activity creates dangerous opportunities for malicious lateral movement• The cyber hygiene functions needed to harden the network against modern APT attacks• How continuous visibility into your attack surface can augment other core security functions, such as privileged access management (PAM) and vulnerability management