Zero Trust - Security in the Age of Cloud and Worker Mobility presented at CybersecurityeSummit 2020

by Christopher Schwake,

Summary : Gone are the old days of every employee having to work in the office from 9 to 5. More and more companies are navigating cloud migration and embracing the mobile workforce expansion. However, many still struggle with maintaining their security posture and enabling a Zero-Trust approach to replace their legacy VPN solution. It’s never been more important than now to evaluate how a Zero-Trust framework applies to your environment and what you can do to protect your organization’s most valuable assets: your people and your data.Join our webinar as we take a deep dive into why this new paradigm of network security is crucial and how it can provide the flexibility for your enterprise to grow. In this session, we’ll share:What a Zero-Trust approach is and what it isn’tHow Zero-Trust reinforces people-centric securityStrategies on how to move to an always-on, Zero-Trust architecture