Cloudy with A Chance of Threats: Strategies to Defend Cloud Users and Data presented at CybersecurityeSummit 2020

by Matthew Clarke,

Summary : Gartner predicts that through 2020, 95% of cloud security breaches will be the users' fault. Attacks on cloud accounts such as credential stuffing, phishing and OAuth app spoofing are wide spread. Cloud account takeover leads to wire fraud and data theft. Misuse of new collaboration platforms can also result in data loss. More now than ever, security teams need preventative measures to secure access to systems and data - but not at the cost of user experience. Cloud security requires a fine balance of trust against risk. So how is this achieved?Join us as we explore what a people-centric visibility to cloud security looks like, and how professionals can combine threat detection, Data Loss Prevention and adaptive access controls to achieve that fine balance. In this session, we will discuss:How to detect, investigate and remediate account takeoverCloud DLP Do’s and Don’tsChecklist to secure third-party appsHow to prioritize access controls with a risk-based approach