KEYNOTE: Lessons Learned from 700 Ransomware Investigations presented at Ransomware 2020

by Michael Wilkinson,

Summary : Ransomware is the most common type of cyber security breach right now. With $3.5 billion in lossesreported to the FBI’s Internet Crimes Complaint Center in 2019, it is has proven to be immenselydamaging to businesses and extremely profitable for threat actors. Which means it is unlikely todisappear any time soon. So what is the most effective way to handle a ransomware incident andminimize the business interruption it causes? During this session, Michael will draw upon more than adecade of personal experience in helping organizations respond to ransomware attacks, and combinethis with exclusive insight from the more than 700 ransomware investigations Kivu has conducted. Keytakeaways from the session include:• Steps to prepare yourself for a ransomware incident• Immediate action to take when ransomware is detected• What to expect from the incident response process