Your CEO is Not Your CEO! How to defend against email fraud presented at DataConnectorsToronto 2020

by Denis Ryan,

Summary : Email fraud leads to two main threats- one is Business Email Compromise (BEC) where attackers pretend to be you; the other one is Email Account Compromise (EAC) where attackers actually become you. BEC/EAC scams have cost the victimized businesses over $26 billion since 2016. What they have in common is that they both target people. They both rely on social engineering and are designed to solicit fraudulent wire transfers or payment. Unlike malware attacks, BEC and EAC don’t typically include detectable malicious payload. These types of threats can be hard to recognize because to the target these business requests sent by the impostors seem very routine and reasonable.Join our session and learn about:What is BEC and EAC? And how do they work?What are the common attack tactics regarding this new form of email threats?Best practices to defend against BEC and EAC