Driving the End Game in Cyber Hygiene presented at DataConnectorsToronto 2020

by Greg Jackman,

Summary : Critical labor shortages in Cyber Security have created unprecedented demand for solutions to deliver real-time actions that immediately reduce risk to operations. To do this, companies must have complete knowledge of everything on the network, machine-speed assessment of endpoint risk, and a willingness to automate actions to quarantine threats from high-risk devices or to isolate and protect vulnerable systems. In this session, Greg will share why automating your Cyber Hygiene at global scale is crucial to reducing risk across your extended enterprise.Session highlights include:What is ”Cyber Hygiene” and why does it matter?How business-specific IOT complicates enterprise scale complianceWhy properly managed network segmentation can “secure the un-securable” (or in other words: how to live in a state of known vulnerability)