Canadian Cybercrime Awareness and Prevention in 2020 presented at DataConnectorsToronto 2020

by Sgt. Vern Crowley,

Summary : The rapid advancement and penetration of cyber and digital technologies is changing the world, and with it, the landscapeof threats from terrorism and organized crime. Every day there are new reports of data breaches, new kinds of online fraud,and increasingly criminals are moving traditional forms of crime online to evade law enforcement.The public expects the police to be able to protect them from criminals regardless of what platform those criminals operateon or what technologies they use to commit crime.The OPP Cybercrime Investigations Team is made up of civilian members and sworn officers like Detective Sergeant Crowley, who are dedicated to manage risks, reduce threats, and minimize harm caused by crime involving digital technologies. By proactively sharing the latest trends, attack vectors, and vulnerabilities being exploited, the OPP hopes to raise the level of awareness so organizations can take preventative measures to target harden their systems thereby reducing the level victimization caused by cybercrime in Ontario.