Shifting PAM into High Gear with Zero Standing Privilege (ZSP) presented at DataConnectorsPortlandTech-Security 2020

by Paul Lanzi,

Summary : Zero Standing Privilege (PAM) was a new term introduced in 2019 and might just be the best approach to shift your PAM strategy into high gear. In this short presentation, we’ll discuss how PAM projects were managed historically and highlight a new PAM approach to reduce the impact of compromised admin credentials.Do you know what admin credentials exist today or even how they change over time in your organization? This is just one of several challenges we’ll discuss, offer a solution and discuss the need and value of frequent scanning of admin rights, reporting on current standing privileges and the adoption of a ZSP and Just-In-Time administration.So, if you’re looking for quick wins in PAM, including removing local admin rights and support for DevOps+PAM use cases, join the discussion and learn how other organizations like yours have succeeded.