Tactical Cybersecurity Crisis Management during a Pandemic presented at VirtualCyberSecuritySummitHealthcare 2020

by Erik Decker,

Summary : Healthcare CISOs across the country were faced with the same challenge at the beginning of 2020: How do we ensure our organizations are secure as our health systems shift to treating a pandemic, supporting a work from home strategy for non-essential employees, and pivot to telehealth? Many already had crisis management plans in place and some did not. Regardless of your level of preparedness, we all shifted to respond and support our national strategy on 'flattening the curve.' Learn how a national task group and industry leaders came together under the Health Sector Coordinating Council, in partnership with H-ISAC, to build the Health Industry Cybersecurity Tactical Crisis Response (HIC-TCR) document. This document outlines four key recommendations to consider during a crisis. This session will delve into the recommendations to help CISOs and other security leaders deal with this and the next crisis.