Keeping The Lights On: Balancing Cyber Security Outcomes At A Health Agency Embroiled With Covid-19 Emergency Response & Monitoring Initiatives Across 30,000 Staff presented at CyberSecurityHub 2020

by Richard Harrison,

Summary : As an IT shared services provider for district health boards in New Zealand, Richard’s team is tasked with ensuring cyber security outcomes for essential frontline services staff conducting Covid-19 monitoring activities as well as the 20,000+ staff that all of a sudden needed to be moved to a remote working environment with lockdown provisioning in place. In this session, he talks to his experiences with balancing and planning for cyber assurance when emergency response and crisis management initiatives prioritize speed over security across 2000 applications and 1000 servers. He will cover:· Lessons learned around how cyber security teams can improve response agility for crisis and beyond· Ensuring a scalable and secure multi-factor authentication across 30,000· New cyber risks that emerged and long term remediation plan for a backlog of new introduced threats