Phishing During Pandemic: COVID-19 lures presented at CyberSecurityHub 2020

by Ryan Kalembar,

Summary : Coronavirus-related email lures now represent the greatest collection of attack types united by a single theme that the Proofpoint Threat Research and Detection team has seen in years, if not ever. Credential phishing, malicious attachments, malicious links, business email compromise (BEC), fake landing pages, downloaders, spam, and malware, among others, are all on the rise, leveraging coronavirus lures, and are taking advantage of people's fear and doubt.Join Ryan Kalember, EVP Cybersecurity Strategy at Proofpoint to discover how to keep pace within this rapidly moving threat landscape and best practice ways to protect your people and data from email attacks. Ryan will share:• The current state and rapid evolution of COVID-themed phishing campaigns• Key defence mechanisms to reduce your organization's risk• Awareness and training measures, you can take to keep your users from falling victim• The latest threat data and trends for email cyber-attacks