Introduction to Proactive Prevention presented at DataConnectorsBoston 2020

by Netta Schmeidler,

Summary : Despite continued infosec investments, data breaches continue while companies contend withcomplicated security architectures composed of disconnected technologies that produce mountains ofnon-actionable data. A renewed focus on prevention may hold the answer.Security architecture can be broken down into three main elements: Prevention, Detection andRemediation. Prevention should be considered the most strategically important defense element, as bydefault good true time zero prevention dramatically reduces latency, risks and operational costs of thesecurity structure as a whole. As advanced threats evolve and data center transformation forcesenterprise teams to consolidate security, the need for faster, easier and more deterministic threatprevention is essential, thus corporations need to consider a purpose-built stack of true preventioncapabilities, that isn’t available in a singular off-the-shelf solution, and add Detection based tools, whichby definition have a huge latency, false alerts and are cost prohibitive, where and when appropriate, butnot as a prevention tool.