TPRM 2.0: How to Reduce the Burden of Vendor Risk Assessments presented at DataConnectorsBoston 2020

by Emily Couch,

Summary : You spend countless hours assessing your vendors, stuck in spreadsheets, trying to sift through last year’s emails to find the right vendor contact and the most up-to-date questionnaire. And when assessments are finally completed (which can take months), you still need to review and validate the answers, as well as mitigate any identified risks.As your program evolves, the need to simplify the vendor risk assessment process becomes unavoidable. So, what can you do to streamline assessment completion and simplify vendor risk reviews? In this webinar, we’ll outline the latest vendor risk assessment tips and tactics that you can implement to build a more efficient third-party risk management practice.Keypoints:How you can save hours on vendor risk assessmentsHow you can leverage inherent risks and tiered assessmentsHow Cyber Risk Exchanges are reinventing the assessment process