6 Things People Do Wrong in Security Awareness Training presented at BSidesGreenville 2020

by Zach Eikenberry,

Summary : N/A Your Corporate Networks Are ShowingEric Escobar & Matt OrmeN/AN/ASysadmins, CISO’s and compliance officers run pentests on their internal and external infrastructure, and commonly ignore their wireless footprint. However, access to a corporate wireless network is seldom monitored and provides covert access to an attacker. Think a long random passphrase or individual user authentication will protect your perimeter? Think again. Current wireless attacks take advantage configuration oversights, deceiving end users, and circumventing what had been thought to be reasonable network segmentation. Such compromise can have disastrous implications resulting in the “attacker from the parking lot” scenario. Curious to see how a compromise from a “secure” wireless network happens? Eric & Matt will discuss their evolving wireless pentest methodology and answer audience questions.