Defense-in-Depth for Industrial Controls presented at BSidesGreenville 2020

by Brad Hamlett,

Summary : The presentation discusses the following 4 items as they apply to under-resourced local utilities, typically water and wastewater treatment utilities responsible for distributing water to the population and controlling highly toxic chemicals used for water and wastewater treatment.1. Review of the top vulnerabilities of utilities’ ICSs. 2. Review of the threat landscape of utilities’ industrial control systems (ICSs). 3. Lessons learned from major attacks on utilities in 2018. 4. Proposal for building a defense-in-depth system for utilities’ ICSs. HyberScale Security TechnologyNick Cattoni & Andy ThomasN/AN/AOrganizations are being pulled in two directions, between the traditional on premise datacenter and the cloud. For those that elect to maintain a large on premise datacenter, hyperscale networking enables the organization’s architecture to scale appropriately while the demand on the system is increasing. Can we expect to grow the traditional datacenter while staying easy to deploy, manage, and maintain?