A Practical Way to Test OT Security Mechanisms in Real-life Scenarios presented at ICSCyberSecurityConference 2020

by Matan Helzer,

Summary : IT/OT Convergence is a major challenge for industrial organizations on the path to digitalization.The volume and variety of security products as well as the standards for OT networks is growing at a fast pace. As a result, the need for deep expertise, required to sort through and select the right systems for specific industry needs, grows even faster.This session will present a promising new initiative designed to simplify digitalization processes and test the efficiency and relevance of OT security tools before they are placed in the network.The results of recent research will be presented, which studied the unique Tactics Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) of OT attacks and devised a method to test them in a simulated lab environment.The research included the implementation of tens of new techniques and OT use cases over a MITRE's Caldera platform, an open-source advisory emulation platform.The research was further expanded by implementing the recently published "ATT&CK for ICS" model, and also will point some improvements for the existing model.