What Cybersecurity Lessons Can Physical Security Learn From Industrial Control Systems? presented at ICSCyberSecurityConference 2020

by Michael Firstenberg,

Summary : Over the past two decades, there has been a significant shift in the world of Industrial Control Systems. We have seen the migration from proprietary communications over isolated networks towards standards-based IT protocols running over connected enterprises. In the world of ICS, we quickly learned that this shift left our systems exposed to cyberattack from the entire gamut of threat actors.It is vital that we embark on an information sharing campaign today in order to avoid the stumbling blocks and flawed assumptions that led to misplaced resource deployments, extended implementation timelines, and failed execution that others have already been through. Together, we can learn from past endeavors in similar technological fields as we work towards true unified security.Join this session as we explore the cybersecurity ramifications of network connected cyber-physical systems. Armed with the understanding of the history of cybersecurity for Industrial Control Systems, we will explore effective strategies and classes of technology that will help reduce exposure and cyber-risk for Physical Security and Building Automation systems as we continue through the path of the connected enterprise.