Will 5G Be a Friend or Foe to Smart Cities? presented at ICSCyberSecurityConference 2020

by William Malik,

Summary : One of the biggest challenges to the idea of the smart city was the bandwidth and speed required to process the amount of data generated by the Internet of Things in real time. 5G will finally make this possible, which is why it will be a game-changing technology for Smart Cities. The remaining challenge, however, is how the complexity of 5G will impact information security and Industrial Control System (ICS) security. This presentation will examine the many dependencies smart cities place on 5G, revealing likely attack scenarios and possible remediation techniques.5G should increase data bandwidth, offer lower latency, and support more users – and devices – than 4G LTE. These benefits offer new classes of applications. However, the attack surfaces that 5G creates can be substantial, depending on the deployment model. In controlled environments, NPNs (non-public networks) such as factories, warehouses, and freight terminals, the increased risk is easily mitigated by standardization, orchestrated security measures, and consistent monitoring. In less well-structured environments, 5G vulnerabilities can rapidly overcome the potential benefits. Smart cities are the limiting case – unbounded vendor choice, heavily customized solutions, and divergent success metrics. Together we will examine the relative strength and resilience of different 5G deployment models. To begin, we will consider an operationally effective classification scheme for smart city deployments. Within that scope of likely smart city styles, we will explore the hidden dependencies on 5G and the consequent vulnerabilities and attack chains they will introduce. This will guide city planners, government agencies, and vendors toward safe, secure, trustworthy smart city deployments. Our goal is to align effective information security and ICS security architectures with smart city types, allowing organizations and governments to optimize the trustworthiness of their 5G-enabled smart city plans.Attendees will:Understand the risks associated with 5G but also why it will usher in an era of smart cities.Realize the dependencies between smart city systems and 5G capabilities, revealing the new attack surfaces.Know where to monitor smart city systems to mitigate risk and intercept attacks.Assess the relative resiliency of various 5G deployment scenarios.Learn to safely deploy NPN (Non-Public Network) 5G in controlled environments.