Managing Uncertainty: Increasing OT Cyber Resilience through Intelligence Sharing presented at ICSCyberSecurityConference 2020

by John Lee,

Summary : We are seeing an increase of attacks on Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and critical infrastructures. Supply chains may be disrupted and a country’s ability to deliver essential services impacted. We have to acknowledge that there is no silver bullet in ICS and OT security. Learning from past lessons may help but will not prevent new threats from exploiting the critical assets as the threat landscape and attack vectors are changing fast.There are benefits in performance and productivity gains with increased connectivity in the digital economy. However the expanded attack surface will also create opportunities for attackers. Learning from best practice and sharing intelligence in a community of trust can increase resiliency in the protection of critical assets. Understanding successful and unsuccessful attempts can help other organizations learn and prevent the same threats from impacting them.Key Takeaways:How intelligence sharing in a community of trust can improve situational awarenessBuild response capability to prevent threats early in the cyber kill chainUse a cyber maturity model to benchmark your practices