Attack Yourself Before They Do: Strengthen Security Through Breach and Attack Simulation presented at FutureConVirtualWestern 2020

by Andrew Young,

Summary : Data breaches and cybersecurity attacks have not reduced in recent times, and whilst you can only do so much to protect against external attacks, you can attack yourself before they do. Using breach and attack simulation (BAS), you safely run the entire kill chain of attacks against your network to expose gaps, misconfigurations, and even lateral movement.In this webinar, we will look at the evolution of breach and attack simulation, where it stands today, how it works, and what you should look at before you consider implementing a BAS solution.Key takeaways:1.What breach attack and simulation is, and how it reduces security risk2.How to properly run a BAS program within your organization3.How to deal with the results of a simulation4.How this is different from a penetration test or red team exercise