Securing your Cloud and Your SaaS: 6 Practices to Beat Hackers and Satisfy Regulators presented at InfosecWorld2020Digital 2020

by Tony Pietrocola,

Summary : Cybercriminals have expanded every company’s attack surface by attacking networks, cloud, SaaS, chips, IoT, mobile devices, applications and API’s. They are relentless. And now the regulators are beginning to pass state level regulations that will eventually hold all of our feet to the fire. Add all of this up and the future points to reality that every single company, regardless of size or industry, will need to do much more to protect themselves and their customers. This presentation will show real life case studies, how the company handled the breach and six practical applications to secure your cloud, your SaaS applications and your mobile surface.Priorities in attempting to secure SaaS applications and APIsIncorporating cybersecurity into risk managementBuilding security features into your entire enterprise attack surfaceIncident response and offensive threat huntingHelp customers address data privacy by showing them the way