Education Seminar: Putting your users first: How security awareness training can protect your remote workforce against increasing cyber threats presented at 9the-Crime&Cybersecurity 2020

by Theo Zafirakos,

Summary : Cyber security risks increase when companies adopt work from home practices with little time to prepare and inform their users of the associated risks. While some employees may have worked from home in the past, for many users, this is a new work environment, especially under the current circumstances. Cybercriminals know that many people are adapting to a new normal, in confinement, which makes it easy to fool users with emails, calls and text messages. Cyber attackers are leveraging the fear and uncertainty created by this event to trick unwary users. In this session, learn why it’s so important to maintain cyber security awareness training and how to mitigate these COVID-19 related cyber risks and more specifically:What are the cybersecurity risks associated with the human factor when employees work remotely?How can users defend themselves and the organization where they work against the increase in cyberattacks? By adopting a people-centric approach: how can cybersecurity awareness create a first line of defense? The standards of cyber-riskPaul SteinerN/AN/AStandards and benchmarking of cyber-riskThe relationship between cybersecurity and governanceCyber-risk Management: how to protect the digital assets of your users