Fighting hackers from your couch: 5 Things you should know! presented at 9the-Crime&Cybersecurity 2020

by Joel Mollo,

Summary : COVID-19 has reshaped our lives as we know it, how has the current global situation changed the hackers’ business models? How has COVID-19 altered the cyber issues that corporate leaders need to be thinking about? How should cybersecurity teams address cyberattacks in this new operating environment? Education Seminar: Engaging End Users in Phishing Defence – Are your Teams Combat Ready? Andy Spencer & Ekbal GharbiN/AN/AAs the world locked down to mitigate the risks of COVID-19, many employees are still adjusting to working from home, and companies like yours are working hard to support it. However, organizations cannot completely lock down their networks. For example, phishing emails continue to evade Secure Email Gateways, with threat actors adapting their tactics to exploit the ongoing crisis. Businesses are threatened by a surge of phish related to COVID-19 and remote work. Listen in as Cofense security experts Andy Spencer and Ian Walllace provide an in-depth review of the current phishing threat landscape, as seen through the inboxes and eyes of those on the front line – your end users, the new face of your front-line phishing defence. Highlights will include:Insights of various phishing campaigns that evaded SEGs and reached enterprise end users, delivering credential phish and malware.How threat actors are using trusted services, such as online business surveys and document sharing platforms, to evade SEGs.Expert predictions of what we will continue to see through the end of Q2 and the remainder of 2020.