Education Seminar: Digital Risk Protection and Remote Working : Detect threats before they strike! presented at 9the-Crime&Cybersecurity 2020

by Tom Sams,

Summary : Today, obtaining a comprehensive view and understanding of the threats that are specific to your organisation can represent a huge challenge. For the past few years remote working has been steadily getting more and more popular, but the recent crisis has pushed numerous organisations to speed up their business transformation and cyber security programs and create new strategies and processes as they go.In this session, Digital Shadows will show you :Real-life examples and scenarios of unwanted risks and digital exposure Why and how Bespoke Intelligence and Data Loss Prevention technologies and are critical in today’s remote worker landscape.How the detection of such threats across the Open, Deep and Dark Web helps organisation to reduce and remediate those risks COVID-19, remote working and e-commerce: how are companies adapting to the evolving cybersecurity challenges? Yvan LanzadaN/AN/ASecurity teams are at the forefront of protecting the distributed enterprise. Cybersecurity must be integrated into COVID-driven business responses such as the shift to working from home, migratijng to e-commerce, and massively scaling delivery logistics. To learn more about how security professionals are dealing with the rapidly evolving environment, Tripwire has conducted some detailed research and we’d like to share some of the fascinating results in this session. Including:Emerging trends across regions, company size and job levels on how COVID-19 has impacted companies. What are companies' biggest security concerns?What steps are being taken to reduce the impact of COVID-19 on their organisation’s cybersecurity defences. What technologies are available to assist with maintaining security in the new working environment​