5 things you need to know to future-proof your data security today presented at 9the-Crime&Cybersecurity 2020

by Thomas Limpens,

Summary : Are you prepared for the threats your organization will face in the coming year?How will you protect your sensitive and business-critical data from malicious insiders, ransomware and other attacks, and errors by overburdened IT administrators?Discover 5 things that can help you orchestrate IT security with your data at its core, putting you one step ahead of all these threats and helping you build an intelligent roadmap for protecting your business. Debunking #6 main myths of the Bug Bounty ProgramHugues Masselin N/AN/AWe will cover the following 'myths':Bug Bounty programs are necessarily publicBug Bounty programs are necessarily annual & continuousThe only way to work with hackers is to pay themThe Bug Bounty Program does not encourage cooperation between developers and hackersThe Bug Bounty Program will blow my budgetThe Bug Bounty Program will encourage hackers to hack me